Crypto Miami is a docu-series that takes you deep into the glamorous world of America's first Crypto City.


With the rise of crypto, Miami emerged as a hub of investment and innovation, attracting a wide range of entrepreneurs and investors.

But when a corporate scandal rocks the leading crypto startup, FTX, threatening to unravel the entire industry, a group of daring pioneers must navigate the treacherous waters of crypto's dark underbelly to fight for survival and a better tomorrow.

Crypto Miami is a thrilling ride of mystery, ambition, and high-stakes drama.

What's really happening in miami?


Garreth Dottin

is a technology founder who works with VC backed startups to build out engineering teams and leadership as well as Web3 startups.

Tauhir Jones

is an entrepreneur and creator with 20+ years of media production experience spanning back  to his time as an Army combat documentarian.

Carlos Gomez

is the Chief Investment Officer of Belobaba Funds. A CPA and Attorney with a holistic investment philosophy combining a knowledge base approach in the crypto markets.

Brandi Kolosky

is the founder of Sacral Capital launching a $2B fund; Previous Managing Director of blockchain VC overseeing $400m.

Fonz Morris

leads up Product for Global Conversion at Netflix. He’s been involved in filmmaking for 20 years.

Erik Mendelson

is an experienced Web3 executive at OneOf and oversaw the sellout  of the first music generative NFT collection on the Tezos blockchain.

Kathryn Nowak

runs an agency in the web3 space and has been involved in the Miami space for years from organizing Miami Swim Week to helping web3 artist expand their platform.

Frank Bilotti

is an attorney with a keen interest in web3. He's helped lead 3 startups to exits in the space including a recent sale to IBM and has a deep history in content licensing.

Sharon Knoller

sits at the intersection of Blockchain and Real Estate. She works on bringing companies into the space and was one of the first women to own a fully-compliant crypto exchange in 2017.



What stage of production are you in?

We have completed pre-production and interviewed key personalities including the mayor of Miami and the largest content creator in the crypto space.

What format will this be in?

A six part docu-series with each episode being about 42 minutes long.

When are you planning to release this docu-series?

Early 2024 is the target for release. 

How can I get in touch with the team?

Enter your email in the contact form below and a we will contact you to schedule a chat.

What genre is Crypto Miami?

A thriller docu-series that follows the wild crypto culture.

What’s the budget of the project?

Please reach out for more details of the Movie Magic Budget.

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